Claiming the Best Free Bets Online with Our Guide

There are many benefits to online betting. Sports betting has a long and rich history, having first been documented millennia ago, and prior to the advent of the internet bettors had to visit their closest land-based bookmaker to wager.

However, that all changed with the invention of online casinos and online betting sites, which revolutionised the way bettors wager on their favourite games and sports. Nowadays, bettors from anywhere in the world can place bets easily from their computers, smartphones or tablets.

The Benefits of the Best Free Bets

Online betting is safe, mobile and convenient when betting at certified sites, but just important as safety and convenience are the best free bets bonuses online. The best free bets are bonuses that are offered by online betting sites for two main reasons: to attract new bettors to their sites, and to reward existing bettors.

It is thus imperative to find a safe and certified online betting site, as by doing this, bettors will be guaranteed of the best free bets bonuses and other online benefits.

Finding a Reliable Online Betting Site

For bettors who are looking to claim the best free bets while wagering online, finding a trustworthy betting site is the most important step. Reputable online betting sites are strictly licensed and regulated by authorities in order to ensure safe and fair betting at all times.

Due to this, regulated betting sites will always offer the best free bets, as well as fair winning odds for each bet and fast payouts for winners. Online security will also be included here, which is important for those who wish to enjoy real money online sports betting in a secure environment.


To find online betting sites with the best free bets, bettors can easily use one of many online indexes and guides to find top-rated sites with generous free bet bonuses and more.

The main types of bets that will be on offer at online betting sites include matched bets, no lose bets, no deposit bets and free bet baskets, and it’s always best to know how each of the best free bets works before signing up to wager.

Matched Free Bets

Matched bets are one of the most common best free bets at online betting sites, and are awarded once a bettor has signed up and made their first cash deposit. This allows bettors to place free bets of the same value as the cash credits in their account in order to win real money returns.

No Lose Bets

No lose bets may sometimes be awarded to existing bettors if they place a real money bet that loses. A no lose bet will allow a bettor to place another, free wager on the game they lost, this time with a guaranteed win.

No Deposit Free Bets

No deposit bets are offered specifically for potential bettors who have not yet placed real money bets. No deposit bets like mobile casino no deposit Canada offers, require no initial cash deposit to be made, and allow bettors to test out the site and its betting opportunities before deciding to register an account.

Free Bet Baskets

Free bet baskets are a hugely popular free bet type online. These free bet baskets are a combination of the best free bets like matched bets, no lose bets and other types, which may be awarded as a welcome bonus deal to new bettors.