An Extensive Guide to Online Betting for South African Punters – Online betting in South Africa is a very popular pastime, as we were sports crazy to begin with. Cricket, rugby, soccer and golf are among the most popular, but you will be able to find odds, markets and prices for just about every type of sporting event you can think of.

You are not even limited to those taking place in South Africa, thanks to the global reach the internet affords us, and can participate in boxing matches in Las Vegas or volleyball events in the USA as easily as you would any one of our local happenings. Your smartphone, tablet, desktop or laptop computers are now able to instantly provide access to the bookmakers in operation for South African bettors, and all the odds, prices and markets you could possibly require are no more than the click of a button away.

Pick your Preferred Betting Option Online

Online betting websites will allow you the opportunity to make all kinds of bets, and you need not fear that you will have to limit yourself to boring win/lose wagers. You will be able to take part in bets that cover almost every aspect of the event in question, from pre match bets to those that encompass the action that is unfolding in real time with live betting options, and you will be able to learn all about them with the betting guides available at the bookmaker you are patronising. You can enjoy betting on desktop and mobile device like players of real money blackjack Australia.

Types of Bets

Moneyline bets are very popular options, and these incorporate neither a spread nor a handicap. The team seen as most likely to triumph will always have lower odds attached to it than the underdog will. Spread bets are those that do not make use of the spread. These bets are used in various types of sporting events in order to make betting on the team not so favoured to win a more attractive prospect.

Proposition bets are wagers made on a very specific outcome, like trying to guess exactly what the winning score will be in a rugby match, or which player will have scored a goal by half time, and exactly what type of goal that will be.

Parlay bets are also very popular options, and these involve a multiple amount of bets, up to as many as 12, with very substantial payouts for successful bettors. In a four team parlay you could stand to collect at a rate of ten to one if all the wagers were successful, but would lose even if just one fell short. Progressive parlays are also made up of multiple bets, and have higher payouts attached to successful ones as well, but you would still be able to collect in the event of one bet in your group of wagers not being successful, albeit at a reduced rate.

A Popular Pastime

Sports betting is not just fun, it can be a very profitable little pastime as well. Just make sure you understand that you know how all the wagers work, and what exactly a successful bet entails.