A Guide to Online Hatrick Greyhound Race Betting

Hatrick is one of New Zealand’s most popular greyhound raceways. With more than 100 race meetings held every season, it is the hub of greyhound betting on the Central Districts.

It is also one of the most popular betting markets at online bookmakers. Punters are able to place a variety of bets on races held at the track once they have deposited money into their bookmaker accounts.

Greyhound racing remains a favourite sport among punters, and the industry continues to thrive. Almost 1000 dogs are bred for racing annually, and the number is supplemented by 500 more dogs brought from Australia to run in races.

The New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association oversees the sport, and it runs a charity that looks after or rehomes more than 200 retired racing dogs every year.

About the Hatrick Raceway

Hatrick Raceway is located in Wanganui, New Zealand, and is home to the Wanganui Greyhound Racing Club. In addition to regular, smaller races, the raceway also hosts events such as the Spion Rose, the Wanganui Distance, and the New Zealand Breeders Stakes.

The course itself is a tight one, and sees dogs of all grades race over 305m, 520m, 645m, and 755m distances. The races usually take place on Wednesdays and Fridays, and its kennels are opened either an hour or two hours before the first race.

Punters, spectators, and enthusiasts attending races at the raceway can purchase take-away food and beverages, and the club can arrange catering for groups, if arranged beforehand.

Betting on Hatrick Races Online

Reputable online bookmakers that offer Hatrick betting markets to punters in New Zealand list many, if not all, of the bets traditionally associated with the sport. To place bets, punters need to log in to their bookmaker account, click on the market, and then select the bets they want to place.

However, before placing bets at https://bettingsitesonline.net.au/greyhound, punters should first read information that could prove valuable for placing bets. Such information includes the names of the dogs running in the race, the names of the breeders or trainers, the weather report, and information about track conditions.

The greyhound betting types offered to punters for races at Hatrick should include Win bets, placed on one dog to win a race; Place bets, placed on two dogs to place first and second; Quinella bets, placed on two dogs to win; Show bets, placed on three dogs to take the first three places; Each-Way bets, which are two bets on one dog; Trifecta bets, placed on three dogs to finish in the top three places; Superfecta bets, placed on four dogs to take the first, second, third, and fourth places; and Parlay bets, which are bets placed on a number of races.

Where to Bet on Hatrick Races Online

Punters in New Zealand who want to bet on greyhound races at Hatrick raceway should do so only at licensed online bookmakers that have a good reputation. If punters are in doubt about a bookmaker, they should read reviews and try find out about other punters’ experiences with that bookmaker.

In addition to being licensed, the bookmaker should also accept payment methods such as credit cards, e-wallets, and prepaid cards, and should use data encryption to secure its banking service.

Some bookmakers may offer Hatrick betting bonuses. Punters should first read the terms and conditions before accepting any bonuses online.