Explaining Outright Betting on the Euro Cup 2016 for Punters

Wales’ football team currently stand at 50/1 odds with some bookmakers to win next year’s Euro Cup, thanks to the victorious end to their campaign to meet the grade in Cardiff. Although they were already set to jet to France in order to take part in next year’s football tournament, their two to zero success over Andorra added another factor for punters to consider as far as outright betting Euro Cup 2016 is concerned, and gladdened the hearts of their supporters. The final whistle blew as Wales finished in second place in Group B, behind Belgium. Northern Ireland and England are also taking part, as far as nations from the United Kingdom are concerned, with odds set at 300/1 and 11/1 respectively.

About the Euro Cup

The Euro Cup is a tournament held every four years, and was begun in 1960. It is one of the largest sporting events to take place anywhere in the world, and is the second biggest soccer competition. Outright betting Euro Cup 2016 options are updated daily, and widely available at many of the globe’s top sports betting sites.

Market Leaders for the Euro Cup

The market leaders for outright betting Euro Cup 2016 options are currently Germany, with odds at 3/1, ahead of the host country, France, whose odds are 7/2. Spain and Belgium are also seen as serious contenders for first place, with these two teams holding list spots at single-figure odds of 13/2 and 9/1 in turn.

Poland’s team were top scorers, qualifying ahead of England, and they stand at 66/1, but Holland has not fared so well, missing out on qualifications for the outright win due to them unfortunately finishing in fourth place in Group A.

About Outright Betting for Soccer

Outright betting Euro Cup 2016 requires punters to place a wager on the result of an entire competition or league, in this case the Euro Cup tournament set to take place next year, rather than on the outcome of one of the matches that will form a part of it. These bets are generally made before the event starts, with these wagers returning the highest rewards, but are also made available after it has officially begun.

Outright betting Euro Cup 2016 will feature much higher returns than regular match bets and are more popular with sports punters for this reason.

Wagering on Euro Cup 2016 is not limited to mobile betting SA on which team will be the overall winners of the competition, however, as punters are also able to lay wagers on a team’s finishing position; bet on the number of points a team will manage to collect over the entire course of the competition; and even nominate the player they feel will manage to score the most goals overall, as far as a specific team is concerned, or in the overview of the entire competition. As online sports betting websites scramble to cater to punters’ requirements, more and more outright bet options are being added each year.